OJSC "Metal construction factory"

The company has new technological equipment that ensures construction norms.

The factory has proper equipment and production constructions, which help to prepare constructions of all types, sizes and complexity necessary for capital construction. The package of metal-working machines is saturated with corresponding equipment.

There are guillotine scissors for cutting plates having from 1 to 32 mm thickness, special scissors which may be used for cutting angle bars having up to 250x250x25sizes, as well as disk saw, which may be used for cutting up to 600mm high double brands. The factory has gas-cutting and plasma-cutting special equipment, which may be used for cutting tinplates having 12m length and thickness up to 100 mm.

For tin double brand preparation the factory has a 14m long edge-hewing machine, which gives an opportunity to automatically weld 12m long double brands. For the production of iron tubes, round capacities, funnels the factory has a rolling machine for rolling 3m wide and 25mm thick tinplates.

For metal supporting column preparation facade-milling machine is used, which helps to work out 1,5 x 3,5m facades.

There are cutting, pressing and rolling machines on the factory for preparing bearing constructions from tubes with round and square cuttings.

The factory has a defectoscopic laboratory where soldered joints and mechanical solderings of metals are checked.

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