OJSC "Metal construction factory"

  1. Covering for football stadium named after Vazgen Sargsyan (Picture1, Picture2)
  2. All-Armenian International Youth Camp swimming-pool of Tsakhadzor (Picture1, Picture2)
  3. Surb Grigor Lusavorich church (Picture1, Picture2)
  4. Children's center situated on the street named after D. Demirchyan (Picture1, Picture2)
  5. Multistoried building of the Northern avenue (Picture1, Picture2)
  6. Multistoried building built at the address Koghbatsi 28 (Picture1)
  7. “APG Technopark” structure (Picture1)
  8. Bearing-constructions of the American University of Armenia (Picture1, Picture2, Picture3)
  9. Moscow house (Picture1, Picture2)
  10. Gold extracting factory of Ararat (Picture1)
  11. Roof of the Culture Palace of Spitak
  12. Water-world
  13. Ore mining and processing enterprise of Akhtala
  14. Copper-molybdenum enterprise of Zangezur
  15. Kanaker HES
  16. Bearing constructions for glass item factory production edifice of Arzni
  17. Bearing constructions of printing-house subsidiary building situated in the district Dzrvezh
  18. Armenian-American health center situated on the street after Heratsi
  19. Garni sports school complex
  20. Hotel complex of Tsakhadzor
  21. Trade-entertainment center situated at the address 2 and 2/8 Amiryan str.
  22. Sport complex of Russian-Armenian Slavonic University
  23. Restaurant complex "Parvana"
  24. Automotised thermoelectric station of the district Avan
  25. Ore mining and processing enterprise of the district Armanis, Stepanavan (Picture1)
  26. Copper-molybdenum mine factory of Ajabaj mine-pit, Kapan
  27. Tegut concentrator (Picture1, Picture2, Picture3)
  28. The Kashensky enrichment complex of the Martakert administrative building in the NKR (Picture1, Picture2, Picture3, Picture4)
  29. Dilijan for the Central Bank of the Republic. Armenia dwelling house and school gym (Picture1)
  30. Health center in Shengavit district, Manandyan st 9, Yerevan
  31. Metal ware of the elevator at the address Abovyan st. 3/4, Yerevan
  32. Educational sports complex at the address Tsarav Aghbyur st. 55/25, Yerevan (Picture1)
  33. Over ground crossing in the Noragavit area of the Ashtarak highway (Picture1, Picture2)
  34. Fire staircase for hotel at the address Buzand st. 97/2, Yerevan (Picture1)

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